So, let's retell this. It starts with a kinda serious accident. Not life-threatening, but crippling enough for me to be stuck at home.

This was back in 2008, when I was still in secondary school and in my early teens. Basically, in an overeager rush to the school's canteen, I slipped on the stairs, landed wrongly on my right foot, and got a hairline fracture alone my ankle.

Also, this was a time when I was about to have my piano diploma practical test in roughly a month. And I needed both my feet for both piano pedals. So this was a bigger whammy than just missing school.

Anyway, I ended up house bound, being able to do little else apart from bits of homework and practising the piano for hours. Then I thought: since one of my homework assignments involved creating a blog, why not create a personal blog at the same time? I'd never considered having a personal online journal of sorts, even when I'd heard of platforms like Livejournal and Blogger before.

And so I did. And the first post was published on May 18 2008. Hardly a remarkable post, but I suppose it's monumental due to its very existence as the first.

So like roughly 8 years on (since the time of writing), I've gone through a few life experiences, some nice and some not, some light and some not so much. And this blog has seen glimpses of those moments. And the plan is to keep this up. I might start other blogs for other things? I dunno. But this would stick as the personal blog.

[Last updated May 2016]