9 Aug 2017

Ramblings on a 9th of August

Wow am I bad at keeping committed to this blog. Frankly it seems this kind of "long blogging" has made way for micro blogging/vlogging. So many people using Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr for fast bursts of musing nowadays. I still kinda like just sitting down, pouring more thought into a post. Sure I have Twitter and Instagram, but those aren't built for penning down longer strings of thoughts.

So. Quite a bit of crazy stuff happened between now and the last post. Too much to mention. Personally though I think I have a somewhat clearer direction in terms of what to pursue for the next few semesters. Oh also that collaboration I was involved in with NUS Synergy was really something special. But I've already talked about that elsewhere online.

For now I kinda just wanna talk about another kind of commitment. A commitment to Singapore.