1 Jan 2017

Leaving 2016...

You know, it's tempting to call 2016 a really crappy year, like a whole bunch are doing right as they brace for the fresh start.

Yeah, there are quite an unusually high number of notable celebrities who've died this year. Yes, there have been a spade of disasters. And yes, politics has thwarted many people's expectations. It's easy to use all of this as a basis to anthropomorphize 2016 as hardly anything less than a sadistic beast.

But we also tend to mentally latch onto negative stuff more than the positive or neutral. There have been neat accomplishments and neat events. Off the top of my head, Elon Musk is making big steps towards cleaner energy & EM drive & space travel, Pokemon Go's made positive ripples in the scenes of alternate reality gaming and mobile gaming, a few endangered animal species (I can't remember which, I think the panda and humpback whale were part of them?) are off the endangered list, and self-driving vehicles for the public are looking even more promising. Oh and Final Fantasy XV came out after nearly a decade, and it hasn't been a huge disappointment fortunately! Point is that there are loads of positive milestones that have been getting less spotlight in the frenzied media, and we should celebrate those.

It's also been personally an interesting year for me. I did mention briefly about me being more involved in electronic music production. This is like really the year I explored this a lot. Like I finally put out personal tracks - admittedly still with room to improve but hey I put out something - and even got to perform on stage through Spectrum. And on the academic side, I've at least kept myself a bit more level-headed than last year. Certainly not as bewildered as last year starting out as a fresh undergrad.

Oh and also I went on a recent family vacation to South Korea. Been quite a while since I've gone anywhere overseas, but it's been a refreshing experience being somewhere new. Wandering shopping streets, strolling through parks and palaces, revelling in the cold weather, basically taking in fresh sights and sounds, smells and tastes... I wouldn't do it that often, but I don't mind it.

I hate the uncomfortable hours-long overnight flights though. That I don't relish.

Anyway, it's been interesting times for 2016. What would 2017 bring?