1 Jan 2017

...Entering 2017

2017, the way I see it, is decorated with loads of uncertainty. Plenty of speculation about politics, the environment, technological advancement, etc. 2017 is also heavily branded as the year for self-renewal and mending, I feel. Especially with quite a load of shocking events that some people definitely need time to recover from.

2017 also seems to be a time for serious reflection. Some of the negative events that occurred in 2016 had human factors. Trouble is that there's that tendency of some people to quickly lapse into mudslinging blame games without much mutual understanding between each other or tackling of the root problems. Humans are both the solution to, and the obstacle between, many major challenges, which is very vexing. I'm already annoyed by fictional situations of drama and disaster arising from such failure to communicate and cooperate, let alone real-life ones.
Speaking of reflection, I have a feeling that 2017 would require a lot of personal introspection from me too. I'm approaching what I think is a kinda important junction in terms of my studies. Yeah I know I'm majoring in applied maths, but I'm still really iffy about specialisation and minors if any. I guess this would be the chance to broaden myself a bit and see what works.

At the same time, I'm exploring my music creativity further this year. The possibility of an EP/LP/album isn't completely discounted, but I'm wondering if I have the time, ability or inspiration to conjure something substantial enough. I have ideas that I've yet to play around with though, so...

I'm not sure about venturing into other forms of creation though. Do I have the time and energy for other side projects / hobbies? On one hand I think this may lend to more inspiration and possibly a useful expansion of my personal résumé, but on the other hand I don't want to do so at the expense of jeopardizing my academic performance or my musical output.

I'm not a fan of making new year resolutions, but at least there's a vague direction I know I could work towards. Certainly better than feeling aimless or misled.

Here's hoping we all make excellent progress in 2017, as individuals and as one people.