10 Jul 2016

LOLing on the Web

Well. So much for the "more frequent posting" deal. You know what, I'm just gonna forget about caring about post frequency for good. Don't have much motivation nowadays for this level of maintenance. But still keeping an eye on this blog.

Anywho, I thought I'd remark a little on the Internet's sense of humour. Because why not? I always found it somewhat fascinating how the areas of focus and enjoyment defer from (and converge with), say, a comedian's brand of humour.

For one, the Internet likes to deal with compactness. Short and sweet usually trumps buildup sequence of wit and humour to a climax, which is kinda the opposite of a comedian's routine. Quick four-panel web comics, Advice Animals (which ironically nowadays hardly involves advice), hilarious Vines and GIFs... not surprising given that there's so much dang content spilling out online, you can only have so much time to grab somebody's attention before their eyes glaze over and they scroll through the rest of their feed. Which also unfortunately encourages the practice of "click-bait" titles. Meanwhile audiences can appreciate the setup and pacing of a comedian's narration or commentary with greater tolerance for length. Not that they are willing to wait through a long draggy tale, but they can listen through for a few minutes rather than watch for a few seconds online.