11 Jun 2016

Past Entry 13

16th June 2011

Whaddaya know? 2 consecutive Past Entries within hours of each other. That's new. Yet they'll be scheduled so far away. Years apart in fact. Also new. And I have no idea if this blog would even be active by the time this comes out, although I do hope so. I just switched the day digits and year digits around so 16/6/11 becomes 11/6/16, and set that as the destined date. As for the time, I'll figure out later.

I guess this may be closer to a time capsule than all my other Past Entries so far. Usually I'd schedule them to be published at most a year later. This time I thought of taking it further. Perhaps then this post would have even more impact to me in the future. Perhaps my future would be better than what I have now, and I'll look back thinking how much simpler things were compared to what I'll be experiencing, or would have experienced in the time between these two dates. Or maybe I'll actually be worse off in the future, and would feel remorse and regret upon re-reading this post, telling myself that I should have spent my time more wisely or enjoyed life better. Who knows?

So here goes: I'm currently typing in front of the Windows Vista computer while listening to 987FM via the internet stream. Right now it's Divian & Jacqui's segment, and they just eliminated 2 out of the top 8 contestants for So You Want To Be A DJ. A bit emotional when the eliminated contestants had to say their last few words.

Mom just pestered me to not sleep too late because earlier on in the super wee hours of the morning I was up with Dad at the Science Centre, hoping to get a good glimpse of the blood red moon that was supposed to appear at 3.25am. However the downpour that followed the overcast skies made it impossible to spot any celestial body above. So now I have to get my body clock readjusted again so my body won't go out of whack.

There's only a little more than 1 week left of the so-called June "holidays" for me to do whatever's urgent, including but not limited to preparation for exams, practising for piano masterclass and project work. In the meantime my family's also preparing to move house, which for me is something new since I've literally lived in my current house almost my entire life. Maybe some of you have already experienced moving to a new home when you were in primary school, but I've never done that for around 17 years.

Naturally I had opposing feelings against such a notion, since I've already been so familiar with my neighbourhood for so long. And the new house is much smaller too, since it's a condo unit! But they said it's in a really convenient location, being directly next to a shopping centre and a train station. And I'll also have a bedroom of my own. So we're in the middle of moving our stuff over, and deciding what to chuck out, which is naturally very hard. Especially for photos, books and furniture. The problems with moving to a smaller space...

Let's see what else... currently David Cook's performing live in Vietnam I think, as I'm hearing from the radio. Some people think he's being way too overshadowed by the other David, and maybe his older age is a disadvantage to him in terms of superstar fame, unlike Archuleta. My opinion? I don't really care that much about the American Idol contestants, most of them just have a few weeks of popularity and then they become old really fast. Exceptions include Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks.

E3 also just finished recently with a LOT of things to anticipate: new consoles(Wii U, PSVita, Xperia Play)and many new games(Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Luigi's Mansion 2, Prototype 2, Minecraft for Xbox?!?, LittleBigPlanet for Vita etc.) just waiting to be released for gamers worldwide to play around with. If only I had unlimited time and budget to enjoy these games... And on a completely unrelated note, I just found out that Happy Feet 2 would be shown somewhere in November 2011. Would a sequel really work?

Well it seems like my brother and father just returned from their photography course lesson. And I also just fixed a weird issue with the Facebook Notes. For a while my blog posts stopped getting imported to my Facebook page, but now there's suddenly a burst of previous posts splashed on the page. Sorry about the sudden surge.


Well I don't think I can put any more into this post. I currently have questions of my own about my future state 5 years ahead. My guess is that I'll probably be in some university studying taking some courses related to science/maths/music. If that isn't happening at ALL, something must have gone terribly wrong in my life, or something extraordinary has changed my life for the better. What kind of people will I have met? What will I have done in the next 5 years? Will I be achieving things that I want to do? Or do my interests and goals drastically change? Where will all the people I have known be then?

This might turn out to be very interesting. The winds of change can be erratic, the distant outcome being as murky as muddy water. Maybe 5 years may not be enough to show such a drastic effect, but somehow I have a feeling the next 5 years is going to be both a short and long period for me...