11 Jun 2016

Past Entry 13

16th June 2011

Whaddaya know? 2 consecutive Past Entries within hours of each other. That's new. Yet they'll be scheduled so far away. Years apart in fact. Also new. And I have no idea if this blog would even be active by the time this comes out, although I do hope so. I just switched the day digits and year digits around so 16/6/11 becomes 11/6/16, and set that as the destined date. As for the time, I'll figure out later.

I guess this may be closer to a time capsule than all my other Past Entries so far. Usually I'd schedule them to be published at most a year later. This time I thought of taking it further. Perhaps then this post would have even more impact to me in the future. Perhaps my future would be better than what I have now, and I'll look back thinking how much simpler things were compared to what I'll be experiencing, or would have experienced in the time between these two dates. Or maybe I'll actually be worse off in the future, and would feel remorse and regret upon re-reading this post, telling myself that I should have spent my time more wisely or enjoyed life better. Who knows?