17 May 2016

Yet Another Return

How about that. Tomorrow would be the exact 8th anniversary of the blog - well technically the anniversary of the first post I guess - and I have done barely anything on it in months. With these huge sporadic breaks between the last few posts, I wondered whether it's still worth it keeping my eye on this blog. I haven't fretted over the infrequency of the posts at all, unlike in the early years of the blog when I'd try to push for a weekly entry. I don't have the pressure of feeding content to eager readers.

But now I might just have more inspiration. More ideas to tinkle with, to transmute into personal creations that reveal facets of my mind, facets that may be initially obscure to even me. And I plan to use this blog as one of my active expressive channels.

Yes, one of my active expressive channels. As another of them, I'm devoting more time and effort into one of my passing interests: music production. This in itself is already unusual: me consciously pursuing a hobby-level interest beyond cursory knowledge. But it was a chance I took a while back, and it's certainly enriched me both in terms of knowledge and social interactivity. Seriously, I've been to more than my usual fare of music events already, and it's been fascinating. Just recently I've felt a little pulse of the local music scene. Singer-songwriters that aren't picked up on the radio or scooped by big music labels yet.

Through this pursuit, I've felt a familiar experience: the narrowing of the creative gap between my ideas and the canvas. It's the same experience when through my music theory I learned to translate pitches in my head to notes on the staves. And when I slowly figured out how to express my thoughts in words on this blog. Now I'm getting closer to replicating sounds in my head through software and technique. Closer to another creative outlet that lets my musical ideas flourish out there rather than die in my head.

So I suppose there will be more to come. I see a Past Entry coming up, but I mean "fresh" content in the sense of new crafted posts. It's about time to flex my musical and writing muscles again.