18 May 2016

Eight Years

Alright, now here's the "proper anniversary post" that this blog may or may not be warranted.

Let's see. How anniversary events are usually handled is that we look at the past, see how we're handling things today, and where the future may lead us. So let's try that template.

The past first comprised of cringey early teen posts. Almost a necessary requirement for teens nowadays. I think I tried too hard to emulate "teen speak", by attempting to use as much lower case lettering as possible. Tried hard to post as much as possible too, in a bid to generate enough content and (unrealistically) attract a horde of readers to the blog that early.

17 May 2016

Yet Another Return

How about that. Tomorrow would be the exact 8th anniversary of the blog - well technically the anniversary of the first post I guess - and I have done barely anything on it in months. With these huge sporadic breaks between the last few posts, I wondered whether it's still worth it keeping my eye on this blog. I haven't fretted over the infrequency of the posts at all, unlike in the early years of the blog when I'd try to push for a weekly entry. I don't have the pressure of feeding content to eager readers.

But now I might just have more inspiration. More ideas to tinkle with, to transmute into personal creations that reveal facets of my mind, facets that may be initially obscure to even me. And I plan to use this blog as one of my active expressive channels.