8 Aug 2015

Ass Gee Fifth Tee

Fifty years. Not bad of a streak so far. Not nearly as impressive as most other countries who've endured decades, even centuries, but it's a heck of an achievement given the circumstances.

Still, it's pretty annoying seeing the red dot with its four letter plastered just about everywhere. Understandable, but probably overdone to near death. Fishcake? SG50. Sushi? SG50. Milk powder? SG50. Lasagne? You get the idea. Any company could slap it on their products and claim it's for the commemoration of the 50th year of independence. Geez, remembering that the 2015 New Year Countdown kept using SG50 as a substitute term for "New Year" still irks me.

There is merit in all this in-your-face reminder of Singapore celebrating its 50th "birthday" (I don't even know why they call it a birthday) though. It's national education on overdrive. Okay, that in itself already elicits cringe reactions from some people. But many of the SG50 events do a neat job of reinforcing nostalgia and recounting of past milestones, something beneficial to the younger generations. A connection to the past that's getting ever more distant with time.
The events have also prompted thought and discussion about the Singaporean identity. Of course there are the local cliches like usage of Singlish or the unusual government policies, and they should be brought to awareness in the younger generations. It's nice to get a good sense of your nation's heritage. But there's also consideration of the future identity. What would the ideal Singapore be like when SG100 rolls around? What would her people be capable of?

Some things I've wondered though: once this National Day rolls over, what would become of SG50 for the rest of 2015? Would the campaigns still stay in high drive right till the end of the year? Also, would SG51 end up being less exciting due to the dying of all that built-up hype?

Ah well. Wouldn't expect those red dots to disappear any time soon. Might as well appreciate its silliness before it disappears for good.