22 Apr 2015

How Free?

Freedom is quite a tricky thing to balance.

More freedom = more possibilities and more entropy. Outcomes multiply. Consequences diversify. You face more permutations to choose from.You experience new things beyond the normal and expected.

Is that bad or good? It depends on how much freedom is granted.

19 Apr 2015


It's been sorta a blur for the past few months since my last non-scheduled post.

So many events going by. So many events of fortune and calamity. News featuring figures of respect, and lightning rods of hate. So many new academic lessons. So much change.

Kinda odd why I never bothered to think of writing a post on any of this for this long. Lazy? Busy? Cautious? Probably a mix. I do have a strong tendency to not comment on current affairs online though. I am aware, but I usually stay silent on the Internet.