1 Mar 2015

Past Entry 29

1st March 2013

Goodness.. how long has it been since the previous Past Entry??? I've been pushing this back for so long, this'll be the first Past Entry I would have done in the YEAR. At least I'm stocking up on them again. This thing's grown too big to let it die out so easily.

So why today? Well the 'A' Levels results were released today. And I guess I can consider myself satisfactory with my results: I didn't screw it up to the level of an epic failure, and even got away with an A somewhere in there. Though the subjects that did well - and not so well - surprised me. In a paradoxical way, I've gotten used to this weird switching effect, so I'm no longer surprised at the surprises that the exam results throw at me. 

Now comes the "fun" part: knowing my results, where should I go for my university courses after NS? This is the bit that I don't expect to answer so quickly yet. I don't have to rush it and immediately apply this year. If I need a year or two to sort it out, so be it. The last thing I want is to end up studying something neither interesting nor relevant and demanded. 

Judging from the grades alone, I might just get into some engineering courses. There's a chance for design courses too. But I might also eye on certain music courses as well. Perhaps the open house marathon to come could give me better ideas on suitable choices.

I hope I would have come to a good decision by the time this entry reappears. Two years is certainly plenty of time for consideration and self-reflection, but I don't know if it's actually sufficient for a decision like this. I find it's been getting harder and harder to align my interests with other parties' requirements. There's been increasing pressure to stick to what society wants, which isn't necessarily the most justified thing to follow...

And goodness, it's been really hard trying to keep up with the new work as a clerk. Well not really a fully fledged clerk, I'm still just an understudy, but even then it's gradually becoming more difficult to handle. I thought I could cope at first, but now if I consider that I may have to undertake the role alone for a long time, I start to have doubts about my threshold for the stress...

Now how did a post that start with pleasant news end up on some sour notes???

I don't want to leave this post with a depressing ending, so I may as well comfort myself with the knowledge that the rest of the next two years is up to me to make useful - and hopefully fun. A whole lot can happen within that period, and I'm wishing that such events will be in my favour!