23 Mar 2015

Past Entry 21

March 23rd 2012

Well since I'm here I might as well stock up on a few more Past Entries. I've already done the grand 20th  one so I could do Entries 21 and 22 here. Feels like I'm in the mood to mark out certain milestones.

Especially in Singapore it seems like 18 and 21 are like milestone ages. 18 grants you access to certain things, and 21 grants more. Don't really care much about the R21 movie-watching privilege though. The only time I find the R21 thing such a bother is when the rating's there only because of things like "religious issues" or "profanities", which I think I can comprehend quite well and won't be mentally scarred or brainwashed after watching.

I think by now(by which I mean 2015) I would have gone through quite a hectic ride. The burden of compulsory military service is borne by many Singaporean males. I just hope I got an easier time over there, as selfish as it sounds, because I know just how likely I'll crack in an environment like that. I worry less over my "apparent masculinity" and fret more over my mental state. :(

But by the time this post comes out I think the NS stint would be more or less over. If "less" than just hold on a bit more. 

I wonder if by this time I'll be missing school days or not. To be sheltered from "adult" responsibilities, to be free from strict demanding orders by a superior figure, to have more time for spare leisurely activities... and I wonder why some people say that their school days in uniform were the best of their lives. 

But I don't want that to happen. I don't want to live such a sad life that only involves my school days as the highlight of my ENTIRE LIFE. I want even better days ahead of me, not worse times! I want a future that is even more enjoyable than my present or past. A time where opportunities are even more abundant and problems are much more diminished. If the best times of your life involved dissecting organisms or conducting experiments or dealing with head-splitting projects, that's kinda sad!

All the more I'm obliged to work very hard for the final sprint into the 'A' Levels. I don't want to deny myself fantastic opportunities in the future only because of complacency a few years back. It may not be the *crux* of my life, but it certainly determines quite a big part of it! So hopefully I'll have achieved enough so that at the time of re-reading this, I'll be able to look forward to opportunities and goals that I want to strive towards, not merely for the sake of following society's guidelines but also out of pure interest.

Alright, on to the next Past Entry... :)