23 Mar 2015

Past Entry 21

March 23rd 2012

Well since I'm here I might as well stock up on a few more Past Entries. I've already done the grand 20th  one so I could do Entries 21 and 22 here. Feels like I'm in the mood to mark out certain milestones.

Especially in Singapore it seems like 18 and 21 are like milestone ages. 18 grants you access to certain things, and 21 grants more. Don't really care much about the R21 movie-watching privilege though. The only time I find the R21 thing such a bother is when the rating's there only because of things like "religious issues" or "profanities", which I think I can comprehend quite well and won't be mentally scarred or brainwashed after watching.

I think by now(by which I mean 2015) I would have gone through quite a hectic ride. The burden of compulsory military service is borne by many Singaporean males. I just hope I got an easier time over there, as selfish as it sounds, because I know just how likely I'll crack in an environment like that. I worry less over my "apparent masculinity" and fret more over my mental state. :(

1 Mar 2015

Past Entry 29

1st March 2013

Goodness.. how long has it been since the previous Past Entry??? I've been pushing this back for so long, this'll be the first Past Entry I would have done in the YEAR. At least I'm stocking up on them again. This thing's grown too big to let it die out so easily.

So why today? Well the 'A' Levels results were released today. And I guess I can consider myself satisfactory with my results: I didn't screw it up to the level of an epic failure, and even got away with an A somewhere in there. Though the subjects that did well - and not so well - surprised me. In a paradoxical way, I've gotten used to this weird switching effect, so I'm no longer surprised at the surprises that the exam results throw at me. 

Now comes the "fun" part: knowing my results, where should I go for my university courses after NS? This is the bit that I don't expect to answer so quickly yet. I don't have to rush it and immediately apply this year. If I need a year or two to sort it out, so be it. The last thing I want is to end up studying something neither interesting nor relevant and demanded.