9 Feb 2015

Past Entry 35

9th February 2014

Well. 35th Past Entry.

Perhaps I should address something directly: have these Past Entries really done much in anyway?

I mean, ALL the entries here are archived. They are all technically entries from the past. If I needed a revisit to the past, I could just go back through all my previous posts. But I figured that with these specific Past Entries, I'd get the reminders I think I may need in future. Reminders of what I've gone through, what I've learned, what I've done, that would possible help me later on. And rather than make the effort to revisit the past, the past comes back to me.

So have these reminders worked in this purpose?


I've seen bits of my own naivety. I've been reminded of some of the joys I used to have, and some of the frustrations I used to deal with. On a bigger level, I've been given a perspective of just much the world has changed over time, not just personal development.

I've been given tastes of where I have been in my ongoing journey. I've been taught on how often my thoughts about the future at the point in time match up with what happens later. I've learned a little about my own opinions in the past, and whether they have changed now.

And I suppose it's good. I'm kept in check of who I was, who I've become, and maybe who I might be later on. There's a sense of direction I'm giving myself, so I can decide how I might want to change course.

Having said all of this, if all my Past Entries are meant to serve as timely reminders of somethings, what will this Past Entry's purpose be? What do I want to be reminded of in the future?

I guess...

...I guess I want to remind myself of continuing this habit of retrospection. Maybe some time in the future I might just drift off and stop this altogether, so I could just remind myself about this. Perhaps not in the exact same form as these Past Entries, but still a reminder from the past. The benefits have not been quite revolutionary, but nonetheless a little useful for examining myself.

Now when should I schedule this Past Entry to be posted on the blog...