15 Feb 2015

Dusting Cobwebs

This feels like deja vu. Coming back to a blog that I haven't touched in a long while. And possibly the longest hiatus yet. Heck, two scheduled Past Entries have already popped up since my last written post. 

I'm not going to use the "time really flies" excuse. Because I know that to me, it felt anything but a rapid blur of events. More like a slow-drifting fog. 

Why the sudden hiatus of a few months? Simple: wasn't in the mental mindset to put down anything into words on this blog. Lots of sorting to be done in my head, lots of time to commit to work and study, and not enough left to consolidate whatever self-reflection I'd done into writing.

9 Feb 2015

Past Entry 35

9th February 2014

Well. 35th Past Entry.

Perhaps I should address something directly: have these Past Entries really done much in anyway?

I mean, ALL the entries here are archived. They are all technically entries from the past. If I needed a revisit to the past, I could just go back through all my previous posts. But I figured that with these specific Past Entries, I'd get the reminders I think I may need in future. Reminders of what I've gone through, what I've learned, what I've done, that would possible help me later on. And rather than make the effort to revisit the past, the past comes back to me.

So have these reminders worked in this purpose?