12 Oct 2014


A little less than three months left. Then the gears shift into a new configuration.

I guess it won't be too abrupt since I've already been going for classes and doing projects. So I'm in touch with the studying environment. But it's still quite a change. And a somewhat liberating one at that. For instance, I'll get to use a camera-enabled device way more freely. And I'll finally not be required to report anywhere in some uniform.

But even that is still a short transition. University courses loom in the middle of the next year. And that's no simple feat. Not much time for you to catch up if you trip in the middle. It boggles my mind as to how some of these undergraduates can go for so many courses and still spread themselves in other extracurricular events. At least not without sacrificing a bit of sanity or vitality.

I'll probably just focus on making sure I don't get lost. And if I do lose my way, focus on how to find it again. That will suffice for me. Anything else I can manage becomes a nice bonus. If I find that I can comfortably juggle my studies with my participation in some other thing like a musical group or a community event or whatnot, fine. But it's not a must.

Still, the university campus is a great place for exploration and socialisation. A sandbox for learning and experimentation and discovery. This should be the time for me to go about trying out all sorts of stuff within my capacity.

Oh well. Better mentally prepare myself for the routine switches.