7 Sep 2014


You know when you look at what's been planned ahead in the next few weeks or months of your life, and you think, "Must I go through all that before <insert desired milestone> arrives?"

That's what I feel now.

I've been looking at my schedule for the remaining months of the year, and frankly, it's nothing short of bland and nearly uneventful. Public holidays are sparse, night lessons peppered all over, medical appointments scattered everywhere. And I want to just hit the fast-forward button and let my conscious self jump into 2015 straight away.
And during that interim period that I skim over, my body just automates and reacts & does things like how I'd normally behave. Like an advanced person with learning AI plucked from The Sims. He can take over temporarily so I don't have to deal with the crap.

That reminds me, The Sims 4 popped up. Don't know if I'll buy and play it though.

Actually, maybe I don't want to skip over everything. I still want to be mentally present during the night classes. I need to be in the moment to learn, after all.

And maybe during some of the weekends I'll also want to be "around". One of the few times when the routine gives way for a little variety and leisure.

But apart from that, I could let my AI take over the office work portion. And the parts where I have to go to / come back from work / class. I just want to mentally log off, let the tasks complete like in Eve Online, and check back in when they're done.

In fact if there were a way to fork out a money to "auto-complete" the rest of 2014, I would probably consider it. And I'm not even a fan of in-game premium currency.

Alas I can't do that. The few things getting me through are music and games and the Internet. Coupled with sleep. They make the draggy transition periods slightly less unbearable.

Life is very badly designed. Should probably complain to the devs. But no idea how to communicate with them and tell them to patch in a feature to cut down on the grindy and time-consuming tasks. Where do I even send them a request ticket?

Will Life even be getting a patch?