28 Sep 2014


Well. It's been some time since I popped by here. And it's nearing October already.

October usually meant something fun. Children's Day. The day where you actually celebrated being the child you are. The day where you don't need to come to school, and have fun over the extra break day just doing child stuff. Watch TV holiday specials, go to carnivals, watch stage performances in school the day before... It was a nice relief, albeit a short temporary one, from the looming year-end exams. Especially with PSLE on your mind.

Now I don't even get those school holiday terms - or what I dub as lesson-less periods. Because the office doesn't really care if it's June or December. Work has to be done. One of the stark reminders that I'm no longer a kid.

7 Sep 2014


You know when you look at what's been planned ahead in the next few weeks or months of your life, and you think, "Must I go through all that before <insert desired milestone> arrives?"

That's what I feel now.

I've been looking at my schedule for the remaining months of the year, and frankly, it's nothing short of bland and nearly uneventful. Public holidays are sparse, night lessons peppered all over, medical appointments scattered everywhere. And I want to just hit the fast-forward button and let my conscious self jump into 2015 straight away.