17 Aug 2014

Spinning Yarns

Hey. I actually remembered to put up another post a week after the previous one. Yay.

So it may not seem like it, and I may have mentioned it before, but I've been kinda busying myself on the sidelines writing stories. You won't find them here though. Or anywhere on the Internet for that matter.

When I'm not swamped with work in the office as a clerk, I devote a tiny slice of time, bit by bit, towards the current story project I'm working on. And periodically, I go to the eForums (those who know, will know, that's all I'm saying) and update the thread under the Stories subforum. It's a very slow and tedious process. But it's pretty much the main way to slightly diminish the frustration and exasperation I face while confronting with serving out my obligatory NS period.

In fact, I've already finished one story — by that I mean "very roughly churn out chapter after chapter" — and am on the way to finishing another one. Initially I didn't even think of attempting writing out a full short story, let alone two. But somehow the eForums had that avenue for that. And there wasn't really much activity going on in that subforum. So... yeah.

If you're wondering, I titled the completed project "Ebony & Ivory". And you'll guess correctly that it has something to do with pianos. The story is quite simple, about two boys in the same music class, both exceptional at the piano but with wildly opposite strengths and personalities. And they are forced to work together to prepare two duets to perform in front of the class. Not a wildly original idea of course, but it was a more or less concrete idea that I could fool around with.

The other project that's almost done is "Universe #562951413". I don't want to spoil it, but I can say that it's wildly much larger than E&I. It involves universes(duh), science, history, futurism, hope and faith. Sort of. It gets weird. Any more details and plot gets revealed.

So I was wondering, with like a little more than four months to go, is it worth venturing into a third story project?

On the one hand, that may not be considered much time for me to see it to completion on the eForums. My main priority is still the office work. Plus my brain doesn't always spit out workable ideas even when I'm free. I mean, E&I spanned over a good portion of the entire last year. And this Universe story started since... January, I think? So unless the next one is a really mini parable, it'll probably never be completed in time.

On the other hand, I don't necessarily need to complete it on the eForums. I do have this blog platform, after all. Heck, I can even just publish all the story chapters here, and link those interested eForum readers to this spot immediately. (It'll certainly bump up the traffic here a bit.)

After a bit of thinking, I just decided: if I still feel inspired to materialise another story, there's no harm going for it. When inspiration comes, I'll let it out. Though I'd be more likely to let loose on this blog than down there on the eForums. It's still a nice bonus to leave behind a complete work there, though. Kinda fun creating exclusive content.

Oh and if you're one of those eForum readers who had been following my story threads, and later stumbled upon here... hi!