10 Aug 2014

Past Entry 32

11 August 2013

You know, I thought that by now I'd have a little clearer idea of what to study in university, and from that, what jobs to take. Yet I'm still in doubt.

Well I have narrowed it to a select few, but I still don't know which to take. It's scary because if I make a wrong decision, it'll be hard to reverse, if not impossible. 

The career options I'm still considering can roughly be grouped as such:

Jobs that align with my passions/interests: If not music-related, at least leaning towards maths and the sciences. Why shouldn't I live a great deal of my life doing something I like that also earns me money? I'm not a big fan of the idea of doing mundane work for a few decades so I can only truly enjoy myself in the last few years of my life... assuming immortality hasn't been achieved yet.

Jobs that are deemed "safe": I could still acquire skills and knowledge that'll likely earn me a secure job, while pursuing other passions on the sideline. My career and interests need not completely merge, though it'll be nice if they did. Perhaps later when I've honed my skills in my fields of interests to a suitable level, will I be able to switch over to the first category of jobs.

Jobs that'll be likely necessary for the advancement of the human race: Sounds really high and mighty, like becoming a hero that will save a tormented village from the tyranny of an evil dragon. I don't necessarily love to do it, but there's a sense of obligation & duty to the people. Except instead of knights in shiny armour, there are biochemists that can help in medicinal advancements, computer scientists/engineers that can help automate/streamline processes, material scientists that can help in making many things stronger/lighter/more conductive etc...

The first category I don't have much problem with except possibly job security. The second category I'm a bit wary of because of the likely heavy competition in the rat race. The third I'm not sure because some people have got to do it, but there are definitely people out there who would also love to take such jobs, so I don't know if me taking such a job would be that much more beneficial to everyone.

It sucks that even until now I'm still having mixed opinions. Each day that I'm still undecided means another day that hasn't been used towards more focused preparatory studying or work. I don't want to waste time, but I don't want to cost myself even more time and resources on a hastily made erroneous decision.

I still wonder how some students get so set on their career paths while still in school, not once deviating at all. Family influence? Contact with exemplary role models of said careers? I don't think I've ever been in contact with famous musicians or scientists, but I don't think that matters much.

Where do I go next?

Perhaps in time I'll have better confidence to make a decision.