10 Aug 2014

49 years... and a day

So I've totally missed out on the usual pre-National Day banter that I tended to do on this blog. Heck, I've not put anything on the blog for so many weeks already.

Well, maybe that previous post "9th August: A Refresher" kinda counts as pre-National Day banter. But I usually do that stuff right before the day itself, not weeks in advance.

Oh well. Not like it matters too much.

Anyway, seems like this year's NDP seems to have gotten interestingly more positive reception this time. Dunno if it has gotta do with the fact that this is probably the last time the Floating Platform will be used for NDP (at least in the near foreseeable future). Or the fact that there's no new official NDP song for this year, instead relying on rearrangements of existing ones. Or the fact that Gurmit Singh is not one of the emcees. Who knows.
I think the emphasis in focus on the people kinda paid off. Okay, there's still the usual exhibition of military power, and the standard musical performances to get people's energy up, but I kinda like the way the performance acknowledged the aspirations and achievements of individuals more explicitly.

Sheikh Haikel could've turned down the hype a little down though.

So in general, this year's NDP is................. not bad.

Though one concern I have now is that if they're "retiring" the Floating Platform, and returning to the Stadium as the usual site, wouldn't that mean the cannon firing and navy showcases end up isolated again? That was the one nice feature of the venue being near the water.

Now to wait for the big five-O. Probably jam in so much content inside to dazzle spectators until they get giddy from stimulation.