31 Aug 2014


September's here, huh?

I wish I could say "how time flies" or "can't believe it's September already", but it felt nothing like that to me.

The great changes I've experienced since two years back have been at least a little more than stressful and disorienting to me. I just mostly ended up feeling even more vulnerable than I did.

24 Aug 2014

New Mask

So. After many, many months of sticking to the same profile picture, I've broken a years-long tradition of using variations of the Facebook default anonymous silhouette.

Some of you may be observant enough to notice it. It's this... odd... symbol... thing. Which makes even less sense now, it seems.

What gives? Did I just put some weird placeholder doodle to stall for time for a new silhouette variant? Is it a teaser for some pretentious art project? Am I going to abandon my name for that symbol, like the man who was formerly Prince?

None of the above. It's actually a little less exciting than any of those.

17 Aug 2014

Spinning Yarns

Hey. I actually remembered to put up another post a week after the previous one. Yay.

So it may not seem like it, and I may have mentioned it before, but I've been kinda busying myself on the sidelines writing stories. You won't find them here though. Or anywhere on the Internet for that matter.

When I'm not swamped with work in the office as a clerk, I devote a tiny slice of time, bit by bit, towards the current story project I'm working on. And periodically, I go to the eForums (those who know, will know, that's all I'm saying) and update the thread under the Stories subforum. It's a very slow and tedious process. But it's pretty much the main way to slightly diminish the frustration and exasperation I face while confronting with serving out my obligatory NS period.

10 Aug 2014

49 years... and a day

So I've totally missed out on the usual pre-National Day banter that I tended to do on this blog. Heck, I've not put anything on the blog for so many weeks already.

Well, maybe that previous post "9th August: A Refresher" kinda counts as pre-National Day banter. But I usually do that stuff right before the day itself, not weeks in advance.

Oh well. Not like it matters too much.

Anyway, seems like this year's NDP seems to have gotten interestingly more positive reception this time. Dunno if it has gotta do with the fact that this is probably the last time the Floating Platform will be used for NDP (at least in the near foreseeable future). Or the fact that there's no new official NDP song for this year, instead relying on rearrangements of existing ones. Or the fact that Gurmit Singh is not one of the emcees. Who knows.

Past Entry 32

11 August 2013

You know, I thought that by now I'd have a little clearer idea of what to study in university, and from that, what jobs to take. Yet I'm still in doubt.

Well I have narrowed it to a select few, but I still don't know which to take. It's scary because if I make a wrong decision, it'll be hard to reverse, if not impossible. 

The career options I'm still considering can roughly be grouped as such: