20 Jul 2014


Seems almost modern sage advice now. To live your life as your own and not as others force you to. To follow your dreams. To make your own wise decisions and not mindlessly go by the wishes of others.

But that comes with risks too. The risk of failing spectacularly when your bold venture flops. The risk of discovering that what you thought you wanted actually wasn't what you wanted or needed. The risk of wasting time and resources doing a U-turn in the middle of your personal journey.

So how closely should I follow the familiar footpaths? And how much should I stray off to find the hidden gems of life?
On the one hand, it's not really okay to live a super safe life. It may be true that nothing will go wrong, but then nothing much will reap fantastic surprises either.

On the other hand, this may very well be the only life I'll get to remember experiencing. At least until my end of consciousness. I can't blow this chance on a miscalculated move and prematurely end my experience.

I wonder when I'll be able to achieve this fine line between security and adventure on my own.

Now I know it's pretty much impossible to strike this balance perfectly all the time. Randomness exists. Unforeseen future events may intervene and skew my circumstances, sometimes in ways I don't even know. So my decisions can't be perfectly informed every time. But still I want to find a way to maximise my chance of success.

It all sounds like a question that could be answered by more than a few self-help enrichment books... or so they claim on the covers. Some conflict each other though. Some even go kinda bizarre and turn to the "forces of the universe" or the "guidance of the spirits" to assist. So I'm not sure what to believe.

I guess that's one frustrating feature of life in general... that's also one of its beautifying traits. There doesn't seem to be a hard formula for making the best life you can lead. There are hints, but even those don't work for everybody. 

So it does become a headache-inducing problem, trying to figure out the template that works for you. But it also becomes a curiosity in itself, the fact that life is not so tightly constrained by so many hard rules. It means that each person's life holds an interesting uniqueness on its own.

Maybe... I shouldn't be thinking too hard about how tightly I should follow the recommended path?

Or is this precisely why I should be considering all the alternatives available to me?