20 Jul 2014


Seems almost modern sage advice now. To live your life as your own and not as others force you to. To follow your dreams. To make your own wise decisions and not mindlessly go by the wishes of others.

But that comes with risks too. The risk of failing spectacularly when your bold venture flops. The risk of discovering that what you thought you wanted actually wasn't what you wanted or needed. The risk of wasting time and resources doing a U-turn in the middle of your personal journey.

So how closely should I follow the familiar footpaths? And how much should I stray off to find the hidden gems of life?

13 Jul 2014

9th August: A Refresher

Whoo. Heading towards mid-July. National Day is creeping towards here. You could almost touch the fat packs of coupons snugly stuffed into the NDP Fun Packs. Almost taste the NEWater supplied within too.

Honestly I'm not totally psyched about the 9th of August. It's almost a given that at least half of the choreography is supposed to flesh out abstract concepts in ways I don't understand. And that the emcees (chosen to represent all major races, of course) are busy trying to keep the hyped crowd from fizzling out, at least not until the fireworks are about to be unleashed into the night sky.

But it seems like this time, the NDP may hold more significance to us Singaporeans in several ways. At least that's what I think.