29 Jun 2014

The Melting Pot Boils

Funny how Singapore likes to talk about her multi-racial multi-religious society living in harmonious coexistence, and yet has had a few not-so-pleasant clashes in ideology and culture.

Generational gaps and conflicts. Anti-PAP and/or anti-democracy anarchists. The place of LGBTs in society. Foreigners versus locals.

Quite a while back I did talk about how we should move beyond tolerance and perhaps go into acceptance. Basically I said that tolerance is merely just keeping silent, but not necessarily being peaceful about the differences between groups. Just because you don't hear people making blatant remarks inciting racism or anti-religion ideas doesn't mean none of them are thinking it.

22 Jun 2014

Brain Numb

Sorry for not write post in long time.

Brain numb.

Can not do think much.

IT classes make brain badness worse. Much tired.

So regret for not put gooder quality words here.

Maybe next weekend brain get better.

Or brain get even worser.

Will see.


8 Jun 2014


I feel nothing beneath or above me, except the rush of incoming air.

There is only blackness below and above. The surrounding walls move too fast.

I feel fear. I try to fight it. Attempt to understand it.

Am I in the middle of an escape? Or in the midst of an impending death sentence?

There has to be more than this.

The wind continues to flutter against my horizontal body, failing to slow my descent.

Is there approaching danger? Is there a final destination down there?

When does the journey end?

The cold gust, the sickening air...

I close my eyes to shut it all out...

I sigh as I see myself back on the bed.

1 Jun 2014


I feel nothing beneath or above me, except the rush of incoming air.

The indiscernible blocks of buildings underneath me look nothing more than grey chunks with glitter on them.

The sky on top of me shows nothing more than wisps of grey against a black infinite sheet.

I fear nothing. I don't fight it. I don't attempt to understand it.

This isn't meant to be a mission. Nor is it meant to be an artistic stunt.

This just is.

The wind continues to flutter along my horizontal body, lending support to my flight.

There is no danger. There is no final goal.

Just the journey.

The cool breeze, the fresh air...

I close my eyes to embrace it all...

I sigh as I see myself back on the bed.