3 May 2014


Whelp. My parents are gone from this country. Or at least going to be soon. Their flight for their wonderful holiday is in less than an hour, but they're already at the airport waiting to check in.

Which leaves me and my brother to fend for ourselves at home. For two weeks.

I can't possibly go with them. That would burn up so many days of what little leave I'm granted for the year. Neither can my brother because he also has a job. So we're stuck here hoping we can take care of things.

I'm pretty sure it's the first time the both of us have been left alone at home for this long. I know my brother's been alone for about a week once, while I tagged along with my parents for the overseas trip. But two weeks is too much for either of us to go vacationing in another country. And my parents have been kinda wanting to go on such a trip for quite some time already.

Two weeks.

Sounds like a short time, but quite a lot can happen in two weeks.

Especially considering that I'll be soon going for night classes. You know, upgrading skills, staying relevant in the market, that kind of stuff.

I'm just hoping that nothing bizarre or outrageous occurs over these weeks.

As long as nothing breaks, goes missing, dies, or becomes an unusual colour, we should be fine.

I hope.