18 May 2014


And we're back. Parents are back from 2 weeks of exploring and unwinding in Europe. And luckily nothing in our house exploded or went missing during those two weeks.

In the meantime, I've just started going for night classes. Yes, I'm a student again, even though my ORD is still months away. And it's IT classes, so it's not merely some side hobby. It's productive too!

So not only do I have to work 8 to 5+, I also sometimes have to disappear to the academy from 7+ to 10+. This kills a lot of whatever leisure time I used to have on weeknights. But there's still convenient Internet access over there, so it's not all too bad.

And so far, the teachers seem alright. Okay, except for maybe one. That guy's eccentric to put it nicely. Punctuates a lot of his sentences with "Are you clear?". Goes off tangent in the weirdest of ways, for instance suddenly talking about whether studying or playing games is important, and then talking about students immediately taking to their smartphones on the bus back after school. Makes the whole class narrate the freaking source code. Like, literally say word for word "PUBLIC CLASS HELLOWORLD (OPEN CURLY BRACKET) PUBLIC STATIC VOID MAIN (OPEN BRACKET) STRING (SQUARE BRACKETS) ARGS (CLOSE BRACKET) (OPEN CURLY BRACKET) SYSTEM DOT OUT DOT PRINT LINE (OPEN BRACKET)...". Another reason why I find rote learning silly... even if it can be somewhat effective.

Then again it's only been the first lessons. There might be more surprises awaiting from the teachers.

I kinda hope that being competent in Java doesn't turn me into someone like that teacher.