25 May 2014

Watch My Tongue

I don't really like swearing. Expletives very, very, very rarely come out of my mouth, or get typed on the keyboard.

My more proper excuse is that there are just so many different words in the language that can express intensity, fear, anger, seriousness, and disbelief. It doesn't have to resort to foul swearing to make a point. And sometimes, it's the simpler words that cause a deeper impact than liberally sprinkled verbal bombs.

On top of that, I just simply find it weird to swear. Whether I type it out or say it out loud.

18 May 2014


And we're back. Parents are back from 2 weeks of exploring and unwinding in Europe. And luckily nothing in our house exploded or went missing during those two weeks.

In the meantime, I've just started going for night classes. Yes, I'm a student again, even though my ORD is still months away. And it's IT classes, so it's not merely some side hobby. It's productive too!

So not only do I have to work 8 to 5+, I also sometimes have to disappear to the academy from 7+ to 10+. This kills a lot of whatever leisure time I used to have on weeknights. But there's still convenient Internet access over there, so it's not all too bad.

3 May 2014


Whelp. My parents are gone from this country. Or at least going to be soon. Their flight for their wonderful holiday is in less than an hour, but they're already at the airport waiting to check in.

Which leaves me and my brother to fend for ourselves at home. For two weeks.

I can't possibly go with them. That would burn up so many days of what little leave I'm granted for the year. Neither can my brother because he also has a job. So we're stuck here hoping we can take care of things.