26 Apr 2014


I'm not really good at remembering famous quotes.

I've seen people who can pluck inspiring sentences from their respected idols, as easily as recalling their emergency contact numbers. Some of them can weave them nicely into essays or speeches to lend strength to their own words. I'm hopeless at that though. I don't have as great of a catalogue of quotes at my disposal.

Not that I really felt I needed one anyway. I might find certain quotes interesting, in that it provokes thoughts based around the underlying idea behind the quote, and why the person might have said the quote. But I'm not one to pass quotes around. I'm the type that reads quotes, derives lessons from them, and moves on, probably forgetting about the quotes but not the lessons.

13 Apr 2014

"Me" Or "We"?

Are we, the younger generations, becoming more selfish or more selfless?

I've heard the term "Generation Me" or "Gen I" thrown about a while. Often used to describe the generation of people who like to showcase themselves. The people who show intimate pictures and videos of their lives. The people who indulge in selfies and Vines. The people who want quick gratification of their own achievements and products. Can't deny that there's some truth in there. The Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets and other countable reshares are some of the online imaginary dollars we like to collect to measure our worth on the Internet.

Not just that, there also tends to be a bigger emphasis on pursuing personal passion, I noticed. We hold more individual control over our lives. Because they are our own lives. We're encouraged to not be afraid to do what we strongly believe in. Not like generations back when we may be told to just take the family torch without question, or follow the often-trekked paths without resistance.

6 Apr 2014


There are times when I feel like I'm drifting away. Half-separated from the material world, floating as wisps of untouchable consciousness. This might be one of those times.

I've been feeling a little bit woozy lately. Not sick. Not fatigued. Just not quite in the usual state of mind. I don't quite feel connected to this world as I normally am.

Like it's some sort of half-dream. Where not everything is there. Where not all of me is here.