2 Mar 2014


Out of the temporary slumber, back into "business".

Haven't done anything here in like a month. Not planned. Just didn't feel bothered to. Sure there has been quite a bit of interesting news and monotony-breaking events during that hiatus, but nothing that I felt I could talk about here. Well, maybe I could have decided to talk about what I think about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but I think too many other people have the same few opinions about it. Especially comments about some of Lightning's... uncharacteristic costumes.

Well okay, there's also the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing. They've just somehow miraculously finished the last one, and are now moving on to Pokemon Crystal. Other than that I hardly know what the heck is going on. The way that keen followers have managed to already form themselves into pseudo-religious groups from the decisions and in-game events alone is almost scary. Fascinating, but scary. Someone could do a whole analytical paper on this.

But really, I should start finding things to talk about on the blog again. It's been lapsing into bi-weekly filler content for quite a while, and I'm trying not to fall into stagnation. Again.

I suppose I could talk about gaming-related stuff, seeing that I've touched on two gaming topics already.

Or reshare interesting things I found whilst meandering through the Internet.

I'm not quite in the mood to put up short stories here though. I'm actually already in the midst of an ongoing story project, but it's being written somewhere else. No, you can't find it on the Internet. But it is found in a specific forum...

Ah heck. I shouldn't force inspiration. If I seriously can't come up with anything for the next few weeks, so be it. But I really should get more active. Get myself to think. It's one of the few ways I have to keep myself from degrading in the remaining nine months of service, apart from this little silly side story mentioned earlier.

Time for more words in the days ahead.