9 Mar 2014

Beyond The Mainstream

If you look at what I occasionally put up on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you may know that I tend to share either really new content, or really overlooked content. You may also know that I listen to music beyond just what they play on the radio, or what's filling up the pop charts.

And you'll probably be aware about the (in)famous modern hipster movement, where certain demographics of people strive to seek out the underrated and lesser known, going against the big cultural trends and favouring genuine originality over to-the-mold cloning. Unfortunately it's marred with stereotypes of snobs dismissing the "common media" while relishing in their hipness. Even weirder is that more and more seem to be fulfilling those stereotypes of their own accords, donning the worn flannel and faded jeans for that carefree look. It's like they want to conform in their non-conformity.

Do I consider myself a hipster then?

Not really. I don't completely shun away from popular media. I still occasionally listen to the pop music radio stations. Well I usually may not join in those viral social trends that show up every few times, like that odd little logic puzzle that circulated around Facebook where if you failed to get the answer on the first try you had to turn your profile picture into one of a giraffe. (I've looked at that puzzle and I think it's just silly.) Or getting into all that planking/Harlem Shake/emoji/selfie/whatever trends. But I still am aware of such trends. I'm not entirely lost on the Internet.

And it's not like I want to completely hide the underrated gems that I stumble upon away from the popular scene. If I think what I find probably deserves more attention, I'll share. And I usually do. I don't go all like "you'll have trouble appreciating such content / it's too deep for you", because I immediately assume that the others unaware of this are all cultural ignoramuses incapable of understanding and liking the content.

I suppose what I am is more of a maverick/maven blend. I tend to seek out what lies beyond the main paths, and then gently divert others' attention to the side content that I think is interesting enough. But that doesn't mean I don't tread the common roads at all. It's not much different from other online celebs who share trending content on the Web, except that I try to go further out of the common boundaries.

Basically I like to cast a much bigger net to capture more relatively unknown content, and share the haul with others if it seems good enough.

Because I think sunken treasures are more easily found in less traveled waters.