30 Mar 2014

More Than Just Lights Out

So Earth Hour flew by last night. Didn't really bother to join in the "festivities". Besides, most of the lights in the house were turned off, as they usually are anyway.

Oh I know, Earth Hour chooses to use the action of turning off the lights as their "Earth-saving" activity, mostly because it's the most visible. The effects are easily translatable through before-after pictures. But I always find it kinda funny that at the same time, the Earth Hour concerts still use quite a fair bit of electricity to power the speakers and microphones. And there were still quite a few non-essential lights left on that night.

23 Mar 2014

Rain Dance

Sometimes when I'm on the bus and I see huge dark clouds rolling in the sky, I secretly wish it starts pouring.

The normal person would probably want the rain to hold on for a little while. Rain = slippery roads = slower, more cautious traffic movement = more time taken to get to the destination.

But I silently hope it rains. Not just because it brings heat relief.

Because that's when I get to watch the performance up close. Especially when I have a window seat.

17 Mar 2014

Beyond Life

What lies beyond life? What happens when we expire?

Scientifically we know what happens to our physical shells. But we don't know whether our self-awareness and identity... the soul... persists.

I kinda like the idea of a heaven. That when you die, and as long as you haven't screwed up your life too much, you go up and join the rest of the awesome dead people, along with the others who you've missed. Chilling with the great celebrities, discussing with well-known experts and pioneers of their fields, having a massive conference cum party up there... it's not an unappealing thought.

9 Mar 2014

Beyond The Mainstream

If you look at what I occasionally put up on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you may know that I tend to share either really new content, or really overlooked content. You may also know that I listen to music beyond just what they play on the radio, or what's filling up the pop charts.

And you'll probably be aware about the (in)famous modern hipster movement, where certain demographics of people strive to seek out the underrated and lesser known, going against the big cultural trends and favouring genuine originality over to-the-mold cloning. Unfortunately it's marred with stereotypes of snobs dismissing the "common media" while relishing in their hipness. Even weirder is that more and more seem to be fulfilling those stereotypes of their own accords, donning the worn flannel and faded jeans for that carefree look. It's like they want to conform in their non-conformity.

Do I consider myself a hipster then?

2 Mar 2014


Out of the temporary slumber, back into "business".

Haven't done anything here in like a month. Not planned. Just didn't feel bothered to. Sure there has been quite a bit of interesting news and monotony-breaking events during that hiatus, but nothing that I felt I could talk about here. Well, maybe I could have decided to talk about what I think about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but I think too many other people have the same few opinions about it. Especially comments about some of Lightning's... uncharacteristic costumes.

Well okay, there's also the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing. They've just somehow miraculously finished the last one, and are now moving on to Pokemon Crystal. Other than that I hardly know what the heck is going on. The way that keen followers have managed to already form themselves into pseudo-religious groups from the decisions and in-game events alone is almost scary. Fascinating, but scary. Someone could do a whole analytical paper on this.