9 Feb 2014


Everyone should just chill.

Really, chill out.


Yes, the world's busy. It's constantly active. There's not one moment nowadays when the entire planet comes to a complete standstill. Change is constant. But that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunities to loosen your tether to the busy world a little.

Let your mind and body recover. Sort yourself out through rest and reflection.

Slow down a little. Even if for a few minutes.

Do something to bring you into a less active state.

Listen to chilling music.

Skim through a few brief interesting articles.

Admire the scenery, whether urban or natural.

Drink a hot rich beverage.

Lie down.

Breathe slowly.

Anything that would push you to become more aware of your sensations and thoughts. Anything that would help clear the cloudiness in your head.

We are only fit to whiz along the fast track in one go for so long.

Even computers slow down after a while without defragmentation and clearing of junk :P