9 Feb 2014


Everyone should just chill.

Really, chill out.


Yes, the world's busy. It's constantly active. There's not one moment nowadays when the entire planet comes to a complete standstill. Change is constant. But that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunities to loosen your tether to the busy world a little.

Let your mind and body recover. Sort yourself out through rest and reflection.

Slow down a little. Even if for a few minutes.

2 Feb 2014

Horses & Stuff

So a new lunar year, and a new zodiac animal of the year: the horse.

We had stuff. We said stuff. We drank and ate stuff. We watched some stuff on TV and talked about stuff.

A lion dance troupe performed some stuff. I took a few pictures of some of their stuff.

We ate and drank more stuff. We talked about more stuff.

And now I'm talking about all that stuff here.

I might put more interesting stuff here, but I don't feel motivated enough.