1 Jan 2014

Another Year (7/7)

"...and welcome back to our morning show! I hope you've had a fantastic New Year's Eve part last night, I certainly did! Enjoyed a few glasses of wine with friends as we watched the fireworks nearby..."

Colours flashed and sounds crackled from far away. Harold blinked.

This TV was much further away from him.

In fact, he wasn't in his apartment. He was in a reclining bed, wrapped in a clean white blanket.

He stared at a plastic tube sticking out from his left arm.

So. He didn't die yet. He wasn't so sure how to feel about that any more. A normal person would be glad he still lived. And seeing how he was so adamant about dying quickly, he should be mad. But then Skelli...

A woman wearing a white uniform strutted into the room, hair bundled into a tight bun behind her head.

"Ah, good morning. I suppose you should be lucky you were around so many people when it happened. And pretty near this hospital too. Taking you in an ambulance would have been a nightmare."

"....Hmmh." Harold could only grunt. He was more exhausted than he thought.

"It's okay, you don't have to talk. Just rest for now. We'll monitor you for a while before deciding whether to discharge you. I'll leave you alone, okay?"



There she went, strutting out with all the mannerisms of a lady a few decades older than her face suggested.

Harold just stared at the ceiling. He hadn't been to this hospital before. Perhaps they didn't have his records of his terminal cancer then. That may be why that nurse didn't seem to treat him any unusually.

"...and Skelli, who performed last night at Sicberrry Park, has just announced that she will go on a country-wide tour starting in February..."

Harold ears pricked up. He sat up to make sure he wasn't hallucinating stuff on the TV.

There it was: Ellis was performing again. On a tour.

He could still end this properly. Here was another chance for Harold to truly get to know how Ellis was doing.

Then another thought came to him: what if this tour wasn't enough either? What if he would only get to see the performer that was Skelli, but not the whole woman that was Ellis? Then no matter how many performances of her he attended, he would only get to know Skelli fully.

There was only one answer: he had to meet her personally. Once and for all.

That would have to wait though. The only thing he could do was catch her at another of her performances, then ask to arrange a meeting with her. He hesitated to say "date", because he didn't know if she was attached or not.

But he had to do this. For his own sake.

Harold sighed and plopped his head back onto the pillow, slightly tugging the tube stuck in his left arm.

Looks like Operation Faster Death would have to be postponed indefinitely.

Or at least whatever of the operation that was under his control.