12 Jan 2014

Another Metamorphosis

So yeah. I've done a few changes to the blog, the most important one being the URL. Yes, the age of "thelongesturlinblogger" is over, and I'm now symbolically integrating my online persona with this blog even more tightly. Easier to associate this blog to me now. Well, the online facet of me.

And there are a few little design changes. Colour tweaks. Font switches. And a no-longer-existing page where the music video playlist used to be. I figured not many people would bother too much with visiting that page any more, since most of the time visitors would probably do their multi-tasking and technologically immersed generation proud by listening to other things already. Like come here while already listening to random tracks on Soundcloud or Spotify or Pandora or whatnot. Or possibly listening to a podcast. (Also it's been kinda a pain constantly trying to find an ideal playlist platform, and then remember to add music videos to it)

However, I might consider the possibility of recommending music in my posts. Especially the kind that's quite hidden away, or at least glossed over by the popular scene. That's what I'm thinking of adding to the very limited content of my posts so far. It's always been either tiny disclosures of my personal life, rants about certain issues, or short stories that I've penned for the heck of it.

Well maybe I could post other original things I might make in future. What that would consist of I don't have a clear idea though.

The form and content may change, but it's not much different from all the other times I've done changes to this blog. Just that maybe now, I might give a little bit more here.