5 Jan 2014

A Little More Change

So I've been thinking about doing a few little changes to this blog. No I won't "migrate". Well not exactly. I've been thinking that there may be a little bit of cleaning up needed, and a little bit more ownership of this blog. A URL name change will come soon, because frankly putting "thelongesturlin<insert platform here>" is both lazy and definitely not the longest url in that blogging platform.

I also might reevaluate just what I want to put on here. For now it's been pretty constricted to either short stories I've written, or brief opinionated rants about a few issues. I want to see if there's more I can explore. Maybe there's more I can get myself to discuss and muse about. Maybe I could do more of curating stuff on the Web too. Who knows.

And I've been eyeing my Tumblr alternative blog, which is currently just resharing whatever I put here on Blogger. I just might reshare from other Tumblr blogs there. Or upload more personal stuff too. (I've already put something there, but it's barely anything)

So there's that. Just wanted to give a heads up now since I didn't want to disrupt that ongoing "Another Year" mini-story thing(except for that brief mid-way Past Entry that I had no control over)... so yeah.

Watch out for previous links to this blog breaking soon.