19 Jan 2014

Virtual Life After Death

Here's a question that not many people online would have considered: when they die, what do they want to be done to all their online accounts?

If you died, would you want your Facebook account living on, with all your achievements on FarmVille or Candy Crush Saga immortalised on your Wall? Would you want your Twitter account to stick around, so your last few tweets are sealed in the digital archives for people to see? Would you want your gaming accounts to stay on, so that your gaming friends would still see your offline status as they go on with their lives and play more games?

It's not such a light question to ignore. You do have a right to be concerned with what happens to your online content and personal details that have been left on the Internet. What if some jerks come to your Facebook wall and deface it? Or even worse, hack your account and start posting things? What about if you had uploaded some private stuff that only you could see? Do you want that to remain unseen by those in your life?

12 Jan 2014

Another Metamorphosis

So yeah. I've done a few changes to the blog, the most important one being the URL. Yes, the age of "thelongesturlinblogger" is over, and I'm now symbolically integrating my online persona with this blog even more tightly. Easier to associate this blog to me now. Well, the online facet of me.

And there are a few little design changes. Colour tweaks. Font switches. And a no-longer-existing page where the music video playlist used to be. I figured not many people would bother too much with visiting that page any more, since most of the time visitors would probably do their multi-tasking and technologically immersed generation proud by listening to other things already. Like come here while already listening to random tracks on Soundcloud or Spotify or Pandora or whatnot. Or possibly listening to a podcast. (Also it's been kinda a pain constantly trying to find an ideal playlist platform, and then remember to add music videos to it)

5 Jan 2014

A Little More Change

So I've been thinking about doing a few little changes to this blog. No I won't "migrate". Well not exactly. I've been thinking that there may be a little bit of cleaning up needed, and a little bit more ownership of this blog. A URL name change will come soon, because frankly putting "thelongesturlin<insert platform here>" is both lazy and definitely not the longest url in that blogging platform.

I also might reevaluate just what I want to put on here. For now it's been pretty constricted to either short stories I've written, or brief opinionated rants about a few issues. I want to see if there's more I can explore. Maybe there's more I can get myself to discuss and muse about. Maybe I could do more of curating stuff on the Web too. Who knows.

And I've been eyeing my Tumblr alternative blog, which is currently just resharing whatever I put here on Blogger. I just might reshare from other Tumblr blogs there. Or upload more personal stuff too. (I've already put something there, but it's barely anything)

So there's that. Just wanted to give a heads up now since I didn't want to disrupt that ongoing "Another Year" mini-story thing(except for that brief mid-way Past Entry that I had no control over)... so yeah.

Watch out for previous links to this blog breaking soon. 

1 Jan 2014

Another Year (7/7)

"...and welcome back to our morning show! I hope you've had a fantastic New Year's Eve part last night, I certainly did! Enjoyed a few glasses of wine with friends as we watched the fireworks nearby..."

Colours flashed and sounds crackled from far away. Harold blinked.

This TV was much further away from him.

In fact, he wasn't in his apartment. He was in a reclining bed, wrapped in a clean white blanket.

He stared at a plastic tube sticking out from his left arm.