1 Dec 2013

Scrambled questions

The whole idea behind the yellow ribbon is to show acceptance of ex-convicts... so just what groups are the other coloured ribbons supposed to show acceptance for? They shouldn't just randomly conjure up a ribbon for any cause...

Should I watch Doctor Who from the very start?

It's December already?

Should I do anything special for Christmas?

I wonder what it'll be like if we humans could expand our natural vision beyond the typical visible spectrum... would we be all disoriented or able to adapt to the strange new wavelengths?

Will we be able to beat death and attain immortality?

Will I be able to survive through this coming week?

Is there anything I've forgotten?

Am I thirsty?

Is there a way to directly and finely control our perception of time?

Am I doing okay in life so far?

What should I write on the blog next?