30 Dec 2013

Past Entry 27

30th December 2012

Finally getting down from the brief break to top up on Past Entries. A break from what exactly? That whole Christmas series that spanned across 14 days, which forced me to come up with so many different characters with their own personalities and backstories within a time constraint. From what little feedback I gathered, I guess it turned out better than expected. No idea if I'll do something like that again in the future, especially considering that I won't necessarily be as free as I was when writing that series out...

So I'm on the second last day of 2012, peering over the cliff as we transition into a new year. It has been a heck of a year, and I'm not talking about just the 'A' Level exams. Many significant events occurred, both in the small local scale and on the larger global scale. I might have changed somewhat over the year too. I'm not sure.

I never really liked making New Year's resolutions. If I did feel the need to resolve to accomplish something, I'd probably wouldn't wait all the way until the end of the year to decide that. I come up with them on the fly, I guess. 

And that's what I think will happen in 2013. Knowing that I've been blessed with more free time than the majority of the other guys going into the Army, I might as well put that extra free time towards self-improvement. In particular, it'd be good to build up on – is it really right to call it this? – my CV of sorts. Maybe do some small compositions? Remixes? Or fiddle around with programming more often? 

Well I'll have to do something. If not to be on top of the supposed rat race, at least to make sure I'm not completely wasting away in the two years.

I have a feeling that 2013 will be something different, but not terribly interesting for me. I'm hoping I can change the latter. 

Now I'll be off to do another one or two Past Entries!