31 Dec 2013

Another Year (6/7)

"Thank you so much for coming here, guys! Even though I've got, like, a nasty flu, and there's like, a great rock concert not too far from here, you peeps are still staying here for me!"

Of course Harold was. This was all part of his mission. He was here to enjoy himself in more ways than usual, in this lush windy park under the starry sky. Amidst the cheering crowd, he was here to resolve a question in his heart. If it went unanswered before he was due, he would suffer greatly.

So here he was, gazing upon a blond beautiful woman sitting on an illuminated stage, armed with a guitar, a tambourine, some sort of drum, and what looked like a strange alien form of technology packed in a long rectangular panel on the floor. He guessed it was a loop pedal for Skelli to provide her own accompaniment on the fly. And he would be right.

30 Dec 2013

Past Entry 27

30th December 2012

Finally getting down from the brief break to top up on Past Entries. A break from what exactly? That whole Christmas series that spanned across 14 days, which forced me to come up with so many different characters with their own personalities and backstories within a time constraint. From what little feedback I gathered, I guess it turned out better than expected. No idea if I'll do something like that again in the future, especially considering that I won't necessarily be as free as I was when writing that series out...

So I'm on the second last day of 2012, peering over the cliff as we transition into a new year. It has been a heck of a year, and I'm not talking about just the 'A' Level exams. Many significant events occurred, both in the small local scale and on the larger global scale. I might have changed somewhat over the year too. I'm not sure.

Another Year (5/7)

"You sure you don't wanna join us?"

Again with that question. Why was Chester so persistent in roping Harold into his party plans? It wasn't like Harold would liven up the occasion at all. Maybe this bright-eyed kid in an adult body just really really wanted to cheer up a dying acquaintances. Sucks for him then.

"It's okay, I said I had other plans."

"I know that, but what plans?" Chester probed further, frowning in suspicion.

Well, what answer was Harold going to throw at this annoyingly inquisitive guy? All Harold wanted was a time alone at this café, sipping his beverage in peace, and then he showed up for a drink too. Harold couldn't just say he'd spend time in front of a television screen, armed with beer and cigarettes. That'd just spur Chester on even further to drag him out to the party.

29 Dec 2013

Another Year (4/7)

A blonde woman invaded Harold's life today... in the form of posters and TV ads.

"Skelli", the stage name that she performed under... speakers all over town kept blasting that name, along with the name of the newly opened park nearby. It shouldn't matter all to Harold. He didn't need to concern himself with something as trivial as a female singer performing for the New Year's Eve concert, not when he had his own personal plans.

Yet the details were stuck firmly in his head: 8pm onwards, at Sicberry Park. He even still kept a flyer promoting the concert on that rackety coffee table in front of the sofa. Maybe it was the unholy power of advertising that caused him to be interested in her. Maybe there was something more to Skelli that intrigued Harold. Clearly that wasn't her real identity... so who was she?

28 Dec 2013

Another Year (3/7)

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Every twitch of the second hand, Harold's life ebbed away. He used to be afraid of death. Afraid of having everything taken away from him too suddenly. Afraid of losing the things he treasured forever. Now? He was annoyed with the agonizing wait. The longer he remained here as a living being, the more space he was taking up unnecessarily.

Harold couldn't take his eyes off the watch wrapped around his wrist. The timepiece used to mean something. It used to symbolise the connection between him and a friend, but now he couldn't remember who gave it to him, and for what occasion. It had become merely a device for keeping track of the pace of things in his life, and nothing more. Yet he hadn't gotten rid of it for many years. Perhaps he wasn't bothered to. Perhaps he couldn't bear to.

27 Dec 2013

Another Year (2/7)

Another trip to the ATM.

Harold's teeth chattered ever so slightly, obscured by the black scarf he wore around his neck. Why was this queue so absurdly long today? Were they all scrambling to deposit their cash gifts into their accounts before it escaped their minds? And all he wanted was to get some more of his savings so he could survive the next few weeks.

Well, "survive" was a funny word to use in his case. He was dying. Why did he still concern himself with surviving? The end was near and he knew it. He might as well get on with it as soon as possible.

26 Dec 2013

Another Year (1/7)

"...and we hope you had a fantastic Christmas yesterday! Viewers have been sending in photos and videos on our Facebook page, showing how they spent Christmas with their friends and family..."

The television crackled and flashed colours into Harold's eyes. Only after a while did he recognise the colours to be of the daily morning talk show host. He was too lazy to sit up from his tattered leather couch to watch from a more comfortable distance. He didn't care that the beer bottle was partially obstructing his view. He didn't mind the stench of cigarettes and alcohol and chocolate and popcorn swirling in the apartment. He didn't give a crap about the fact that he hadn't been anywhere out for Christmas.