3 Nov 2013

Past Entry 26

3 November 2012

Well there. It's been a really long time – at least it feels long – since I've written the last Past Entry. All this time and I'm still sticking to that unimaginative name.

I'm less than 34 hours away from the start of the 'A' Level examinations. I'm not entirely sure when I want this post to be released, because I'm not sure what I want to remind myself of about the past yet, or which part of my future I'm curious about. Maybe I just want to calm myself down before the mania begins.

Why I don't want to publish it as another post today is partly because I don't want to keep harping on it to others within such a short time span. It would just make me sound even more whiney than I may already be. Or at the very least, I would sound over-worried.

Actually... maybe I do have an idea of when to post this up. Perhaps one year from now sounds good enough. I figure I'd be in the middle of my NS stint, which I recently found more details about that I won't really go over since that's not the point of this post. Why this time, is because I want to remind myself that I cannot let all that I've learnt in my 6 years of schooling in RI (and a bit from other educational centres) completely go to waste in just 2 years. Especially since a lot of the skills and knowledge would likely be required should I want to go take university courses.

I've heard all the stories of boys entering national service and letting all the information learnt in secondary and tertiary school years get displaced or lost, making the transition back into university pretty hard without constant refreshing and application of said information. I certainly don't want to end up like that.

I guess what I want to say to myself is this: don't let the effort I put into these upcoming exam papers be wasted. I should at the very least maintain the same ability that my future grades suggest. 

Once I'm done with these freaking exams, I could stock up on more Past Entries...