24 Nov 2013

Just Friends

Do I have any best friends?

Perhaps in some time in the past, I did. I don't quite remember. Not that I don't have people that I interact with in positive manners. I have found partners that I can hold a conversation with, that isn't limited to just talk about the weather or the recent news in the papers.

Nowadays? I tend not to have super close relationships, romantic or platonic. Family still holds a high priority for me. I can make and break friendships, but blood ties are much less replaceable. This doesn't mean I don't like having friends. I'm fine with acquaintances. I'm fine with a small circle of more-that-acquaintances. I'm fine with Facebook friends(not too many though). I'm even fine with pals from other online communities that I participate in.

17 Nov 2013

Tolerate? Appreciate.

Singapore. Proudly self-proclaiming herself as the multi-racial, multi-cultural island nation. Always preaching the values of racial and religious harmony.

Yet the words that are often used in this context are "tolerance" and "respect". 

Not saying that it isn't fine, but it seems limiting. I mean, you can tolerate and respect your boss or teacher, but that doesn't mean you have any good relations with him/her, right? And that isn't quite in line with the idea of harmony. You can tolerate and respect other races and religions by just not talking about them at all, by simply ignoring them. Everyone in Singapore can confine themselves to their own bubbles of cultures and sub-cultures, while being respectful and tolerant. But it'll be kinda boring. It won't be harmonious, just – well – not in a state of conflict.

Why not take it a step further to appreciation?

10 Nov 2013


I guess I could say I have a sort of fascination for fusions. Combinations. Synthesis. The like.

I like stumbling upon interesting music remixes and mashups. I've even tried making a few on my own. I also get drawn towards games that let you experiment freely by trying out whatever fusions you could think of. Doodle God and its derivatives took that further and explored the creation of a world almost purely from the repeated act of combination. Magicka gave players the power to mess about and figure out good spells from the combination of elements. 

Not that I don't like vanilla options. I can appreciate purity, but I suppose I like realizing the potential from the numerous permutations that could arise from what we're provided with. Great ideas can arise. New interactions can be discovered. A window of opportunities can be opened. Sometimes failures surface. Sometimes surprising gems get formed.

3 Nov 2013

Past Entry 26

3 November 2012

Well there. It's been a really long time – at least it feels long – since I've written the last Past Entry. All this time and I'm still sticking to that unimaginative name.

I'm less than 34 hours away from the start of the 'A' Level examinations. I'm not entirely sure when I want this post to be released, because I'm not sure what I want to remind myself of about the past yet, or which part of my future I'm curious about. Maybe I just want to calm myself down before the mania begins.

Why I don't want to publish it as another post today is partly because I don't want to keep harping on it to others within such a short time span. It would just make me sound even more whiney than I may already be. Or at the very least, I would sound over-worried.