13 Oct 2013

Bored on the Internet

Wonder what's new on <insert online platform here>?

Can't believe somebody actually believed that stupid hoax.

This musician sounds pretty interesting.

Yet another person who puts the ' in "its" when it shouldn't be there.

Why does this video have this crazily high amount of views???

No, I'm totally watching this from the year 4000. Why are you stuck in 2013?

Oh, this photoshopped image again. This is, what, the tenth time I've seen it reposted on the same website?


No, I do not want to click on your stupid link so I can download your virus.

Why. Won't. This. Un-skippable. Ad. Stop. Popping. Up. On. YouTube?!?

Oooh, this online game's actually quite fascinating!

Junk mail, junk mail... oh look! Junk mail.

Wait. How did that guy do that? Is that even humanly possible???

Yay. Cats.

Oh right, what should I post on my blog next?