22 Sep 2013


Oh no, sure. I don't mind. (Please, I really want to be alone.)

Er yeah, these fries are not too salty. Not bad. (Why are you asking me these nosy questions?)

Uh yah, the weather's been hectic lately. Today seems unusually pleasant though. (Please, I'm not your weatherman...)

Um... I don't really come here that often, but this is one of the few fast food restaurants that I don't mind. (Why are you suddenly conducting an interview now?)

Oh so you're from there? I've heard it's quite pleasant, with a few interesting quirks. (I don't know where the heck that is.)

Nah, I don't live here, I just sometimes come here to hang out during my free time. (And I hoped to spend that free time alone.)

Well... it's actually not that far away. It's just around that corner there, then after two blocks you turn right. (Great, now I'm your information kiosk.)

Oh no, that's sad! Maybe you'll take your girlfriend along with you next time. She'll probably love this place. (And you'll spend more time talking to her instead. Now you're dragging me into your life this time.)

I know, right? The meat they use has this quite exotic twist to it, but it somehow works! (Now I'm a food reviewer, yay. I'm surprised you actually ate something, seeing how nearly all of the time you were busy chatting...)

No no no, I don't mind at all! It's actually kind of pleasant chatting to you. (No it's not.)

Oh, you have to go now? Oh sure, it's okay, have fun! (Please please please please leave)


He's actually a nice guy. (I just don't want to bump into him again.)