8 Sep 2013

Not a Teachers' Day Post

No, I didn't put up anything special for Teachers' Day.

Even if I were to, it's quite a bit too late for that, whether I consider Teachers' Day to fall on September 1st or September 6th(the Friday before the week of lesson-less days). Those whom the post would likely be dedicated to would probably be too busy to read it now, especially in the advent of the approaching end-of-year examinations.

So in this post, I'm not going to show my appreciation for the efforts of the teachers that I've encountered over my lifetime so far.

I'm not going to say that I've learnt quite a lot of useful information, along with some truths that cannot be neatly contained in a textbook or lecture series, from these mentors of mine.

I'm not going to express my empathy for these individuals who've willingly dedicated their time and energy into enlightening others, something which I'd expect to have loads of problems replicating due to my impatience.

I'm not going to state my admiration for those teachers that have gone beyond their occupational roles to help out their fellow students in matters beyond academia, providing the suitable support where needed, and proving that they aren't just merely robots paid to talk in front of a group of kids, and decorate their submitted work with red ink.

I'm not going to give a hand to the teachers who've gone the extra miles to not just merely recite information in front of their students, but also get them hooked onto the material, and strengthen the inquisitive sparks that lie dormant in them.

If this were a timely Teachers' Day post, I would have done all of that.

But I won't do it here.