29 Sep 2013

Singapore Blend

A lot of times we Singaporeans keep asking ourselves, what exactly is Singapore's culture?

We could provide a few elements: fascination with acronyms, ERP gantries, celebration of food and shopping, and probably an attraction towards queues.

But honestly, we don't have that much that's truly unique to us. We either borrow a lot of cultural elements from nearby Asian countries, or from the Western powers from USA or UK. Even "kiasu" and "kiasi" aren't completely unique terms, they're Hokkien. And the durian isn't an exclusively local fruit. The "lah"s and "lor"s and "liao"s are all borrowed from other languages like Malay and Mandarin. That Singapore Girl on the Singapore Airlines planes isn't wearing something uniquely Singaporean. We're simply a whole mixture of other cultural components.

But that is Singapore's distinctive trait: a huge-scale intermingling and cross-breeding of diverse cultures, across space and time.

22 Sep 2013


Oh no, sure. I don't mind. (Please, I really want to be alone.)

Er yeah, these fries are not too salty. Not bad. (Why are you asking me these nosy questions?)

Uh yah, the weather's been hectic lately. Today seems unusually pleasant though. (Please, I'm not your weatherman...)

Um... I don't really come here that often, but this is one of the few fast food restaurants that I don't mind. (Why are you suddenly conducting an interview now?)

Oh so you're from there? I've heard it's quite pleasant, with a few interesting quirks. (I don't know where the heck that is.)

15 Sep 2013

Not Quite Myself

It wouldn't be a complete truth to say that I'm feeling just fine.

Am I sick? Well, at least not in the sense of coughing or sneezing or running a high fever. But my mind doesn't seem like what it used to be. Okay, technically my mind is never what it used to be just a moment ago. But I seem to be in a vastly different mental state compared to, say, a year back. It's almost like my mind just shifted gears, but it's stuck in a really uncomfortable setting.

It's getting harder to get myself out of my anxiety cloud. And it's happening more often, without warning. I can't anticipate when it'll happen, but I always end up catching myself suddenly in the midst of this swarm of negative thoughts in my head. And these thoughts... I can't make sense of many of them. They're just abstract presences that flood my head, and all I can do at the moment is momentarily ignore them, hoping they fade away. That's what happens most of the time.

8 Sep 2013

Not a Teachers' Day Post

No, I didn't put up anything special for Teachers' Day.

Even if I were to, it's quite a bit too late for that, whether I consider Teachers' Day to fall on September 1st or September 6th(the Friday before the week of lesson-less days). Those whom the post would likely be dedicated to would probably be too busy to read it now, especially in the advent of the approaching end-of-year examinations.

So in this post, I'm not going to show my appreciation for the efforts of the teachers that I've encountered over my lifetime so far.