18 Aug 2013

Watcha Doing?

This sounds a bit weird to say on a personal blog, but I don't want to always keep talking about myself.

You're right in guessing that my life is currently not wildly interesting enough for me to share about. Also I don't exactly have a good enough memory to reminisce about my personal past. I barely remember anything of significance from my days in primary school and earlier, and I feel like I'm currently losing my memories of my other school days too.

But it's more than just that.

I have this fascination of finding out what goes on behind the scenes in other people's lives. I'm curious to know what happens during the work and play of others. Even through a day in a person's life, you can understand the culture the person's immersed in. I also want to know what goes on in other places. I also am curious to discover new areas, perhaps even previously hidden facets of familiar locations. Other fascinating events are happening, and other people are doing interesting things, while I am doing my own stuff, and I can't help but wonder.

Even on my on Facebook or Twitter accounts, I tend not to talk about myself, but instead relay information that catches my attention. Discoveries by scientists, unusual news from around the world, eloquent commentaries on certain issues, cool viral videos... I share things that I think others should give at least a quick look at.

This sounds like a controversial idea, but I sometimes wished I could have a magical TV that connected to millions of invisible magical overhead cameras situated all over the world. I could see "live" feeds of areas that I would only be able to know about indirectly through media. I could watch the lives of common folk, the lives of unusual people, and the lives of special diamonds in society. The only major thing preventing this idea from being realised is the extreme violation of privacy.

So the next best thing is, well, the Internet. Practically the fastest way to get information about other people and places. Less costly than taking a vacation. Can be done in the comfort of my home. Sometimes I can even interact with other people on a more personal level, at least more personal than just taking glancing pictures of them on the street as a tourist.

Maybe I just like collecting experiences. I guess you could say I have a deep fascination for other experiences, especially those that wildly differ from my own. That's why I tend to have a reluctance to return to my own life. I feel like I end up missing out on so many interesting things by doing other things that I often don't even feel like doing, but nonetheless have to be done. I dislike that sensation.

But what can I do? I'm locked in a series of routines, most of which I've been thrust into, that prohibit me from collecting these experiences. And knowing how much I like just wandering around, without any boundaries that I'll get punished for if I crossed beyond them, it's a frustrating thing that I resent.

Maybe freelance journalism might be something to consider...