25 Aug 2013

The Night


Nobody around me. Only the sounds of the wind whispering and mumbling to itself.

I don't remember the bench being this hard. Might be the recent hot days.

That lamp post really should be fixed soon. The light's barely glowing.

The air smells of wood and fresh rain, with hints of soil and gravel.

The wind picks up a little, rustling some branches. It envelopes me where a warm hug should be.

The pitch black sky sends me a faint smile.

I want to smile back, but I can't. As much as I enjoy this moment, I know it'll be short-lived.

I close my eyes. I take a deep breath.

Just a little while longer, I'll spend my time with the night.

As least the night is here for me when nobody else is. The night offers listening ears when I need them, and never tries to judge me.

Ten more minutes on this bench...